The Joy of Fisting.

Let’s see… I’ve been wanting to discuss topics directly related to kink as I haven’t done so in some time. And since a topic near and dear to My heart has come up a few times this month, I think I’ll start there.

Who does it? And Why?

Fisting is one of those things that not many people talk about. Often, when your average person does speak of it, they do so in breathless, hushed tones, as if afraid someone will catch them at it. Or with a hint of nervous laughter and barely concealed derision, as though they would never be caught dead doing such a strange and abnormal act.

Lucky for Me I’m not normal, so let’s talk.

Fisting is a lovely sport, much un-talked of and very under appreciated. I’m not sure if it’s that most Americans are size-ist and the fist posses an unprecedented threat to the all important cock… or what, but there are never enough people who understand what an amazing experience it is. For both men and women. To give or receive.

It’s not that size matters and the cock can’t compete. It’s that the cock and the fist are two very different appendages. There is no other way to have that much of another persons body in you at any one time. It’s unique. No comparison. The Fist is The Fist. End of statement.

I hear “but the body wasn’t meant to accommodate such things, vaginal or anally”.

But the body is an amazing thing. It’s meant to be plastic, flexible, moldable. And the reality is given proper warm up the body can do just about anything. Including taking something the size of a fist.

Personally I feel it’s one of the most moving and connecting experiences one can have with another human being, short of giving birth that is.

There are health risks to be aware of, to be sure. But by and large there is nothing out of the ordinary or abnormal about it. Take your time. Work on communication. And above all enjoy yourselves.

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