Dog Days Are Over.

The Dog Days are over…

Here are some of my Memorial Day thoughts.

I was browsing some of my links. Starting with the blog links. I looked, read, and removed ones I didn’t think relevant or had been sitting too long without entries. Continuing down my list I started finding some interesting reads’ worth sharing.

Ego – The False Center. From Beyond the Frontiers of the Mind by Osho.

Which in turn led to the discovery of this gem of a site The Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension.

Politics have also been popping up on my radar as of late so I thought I might check out WikiLeaks. I found this article moving. Memorial Day in America.

There’s a fire that’s just waiting for Fuel…

And somehow all of these things tie-in together to form something I want to write about. But it’s fuzzy and I’m tired. Going to sleep on it tonight. Perhaps both will be more clear come morning.

Old / New News.


Obituary: Hector Zazou.

Anais Nin Husband, Rupert Pole Dies In L.A.  : NPR


Night Music.

It’s going to be another long one tonight…


Skin of My Skin…

Remember Ladies,

‘If you stand for nothing; you’ll fall for anything.’

Just got back from watching Sucker Punch. Tight movie, loved all the fetish wear. The story within a story. Tits sound track, including An Army of Me…. Very hot ladies and gentleman. Yummy, yummy, yummy.

Getting Dirty.

It’s been raining for the past week. And today glorious sunshine. I’ve been playing out in the dirt all day. Gardening. Well weeding to be more accurate, and working on my first sunburn of the year.


Right around the same time I discovered Jan Saudek I found Hector Zazou. Revisiting his music tonight. Wish I could get my link thing to work right on this blog post, but my computer is not cooperating with me. Go to youtube and check him out. His album Sahara Blue. This album is all musical collaborations with various musicians who have placed the poet Arthur Rimbaud’s poetry to score. I was in the tenth grade when it was released in 1992. I fell in love with the first track I’ll Strangle you, and would listen to it over and over.

Zazou died in 2008. I didn’t know that. Bummer dude, He’s one of my favs.

I started reading Anais Nin‘s work the same year I endlessly listened to Sahara Blue. I developed a love of all things french. And lush. I guess you could say this was one of my earliest memories of kink.

Nin died two months before I was born. I did not know that. Strange. She was also heavily influenced by Arthur Rimbaud, by the way. Nin was an erotic writer, dancer, muse to Freud and Jung. (The first vibrator, called the ‘manipulator’ was invented by a phycologist for fellow Docs suffering from tired wrists, yes, bet you didn’t know that, developed as a way to treat the common prognoses of hysteria in women, orgasm being the most proscribed treatment, funny that). Nin was one of those who ‘has been things and seen places’. Her book Delta of Venus, was the first of many works I’ve read since . I remember vividly the fireworks exploding: her words created in my head ideas and ideals that have never really faded away.