What’s New PussyCat?

Goodness, what a week. I’ve been down with the flu and just now starting to feel human again. On the up side it’s given me a lot of time for reading.

The latest: The Ethical Slut by Easton and Hardy. Absolutely fabulous book. I think many of the topics and exercises they cover are highly relevant for everyone, not just kinksters and the like. The authors offer valuable insight about relationships and communication, self discovery and becoming more comfortable with who and what we are as sexual beings. Read it, you won’t be disappointed.

I especially appreciated their addressing Sex Workers.

Despite what you might have learned from the TV or the tabloids, sex workers really are not all desperate drug addicts, debased women, or predatory gold diggers. Many healthy and happy women and men work in the sex industry, doing essential and positive work healing the wounds inflicted by our sex-negative culture. We know them as friends, lovers, colleagues, writers, therapists, and educators, as well as performers and artists. These folks have a great deal to teach us about boundaries, limit-setting, communication, sexual negotiation, and ways to achieve growth, connection, and fulfillment outside a traditional monogamous relationship. Do not imagine that connections between sex workers and clients are necessarily cold, impersonal, or degrading, or that only losers frequent prostitutes. Many client/prostitute relationships become a source of tremendous connection, warmth, and affection for both parties, and last many years. Practitioners of the world’s oldest profession offer all of us the wisdom of the ages about understanding, accepting, and fulfilling our desires: these are real sex experts.

The Ethical Slut.

I’ve still a whole lot of pictures to get up, for both Scratch and I. As well as other additions to the Project. I’ve started compiling a references page. The plan is have a list of movies, books, and articles that I find interesting and relevant to Kink Discourse. That’s it for now, got to get ready for play this afternoon. Hope this finds all of you well.

The Love of Money.

Money, Money, Money…

Spent the morning working on the References page. Just trying to get all the books I’ve read, and reference on a periodic basis up, for now. Took a break and started watching The One Percent, 2006 Directed by Jamie Johnson. Wealth, power, and status, all things that have been on my mind as of late. Seems ironically fitting as I scramble to get rent together to be watching it. Wealth, Power, and Status have a lot to do with kink too, though it might not be apparent at first. Part of what I research and write about is social power dynamics and sexuality. So you can expect more stuff like this in the future.

People have agency but only to the degree that they have power and resources to make a difference in social outcomes… Less obvious, but perhaps even more important, the type of power and resources that people have can profoundly shape the nature of social relations.” -Murray Milner, Jr.

People Like Us: Social Class in America is also worth a watch if you’re into this sort of thing.



Glomming Evening.

Spent the morning on the phone with clients and bill collectors, and the afternoon researching the net. The net is such an interesting medium, changing rapidly, and it takes active work to keep on top of what’s there. I’ve neglected the Project for too long and I’ve had to do a lot of reviewing. Links for example are time sensitive and become inactive. Laws change… you know blaugh blaugh internet blaugh. Spent some time looking over Pro Domme directories and taking care of my link backs.

Now I’m drinking cold coffee. Listening to Pink Martini.

Talked to Scratch and was reminded that Folsom and Alley are coming up.

Wondering (once again) what the hell it is I’m doing? Not sure but its becoming anyhow.

It’s My Own Cheating Heart…

It’s come to my attention that I’ve assumed myself invisible. Like a child playing in a room with adults, hands over my eyes, and thinking because I can’t see them = they can’t see me.I am an Ass”. Obvious right? And what I do is clearly visible. Not really sure what to think. Feel a little sheepish in a No-Duh sort of way, I guess. Craving a cigarette and a glass of wine. Going to clean the bathroom instead.

Overcast Afternoon.

Into the Nightlife…

Made me think of Scratch in SF.

Once again looking over Jan Saudek’s site, www.saudek.com. I discovered this artist in 1991, I was thirteen I think. There was an import shop called Dancing Crane, which had opened up in sugarhouse, at the time. They had a few plants in the otherwise bare window display, vaguely reminding me of the little shop of horrors, so I walked in not knowing what I’d find. They sold his postcards, posters, and a few of his books. All I could afford was a few postcards. I decorated the inside of my school lockers with them. I was hooked and went back for the books a few years later.

Eyes on Fire…


I especially love his paintings. Incredible! See below. This painting in particular tickled me, brought back memories of playing Pirates and Wenches. I think this site my new favorite thing.

-Victory on the Sea-

B is for Bioluminescent.

B is for Bioluminescent.

The Beauty of being a word detective is that if you keep your eyes and ears open, as every detective must, you can learn to use clues to find your way into and out of every big word. Clue is a word that can also be spelled clew, but however you spell it, it is the name for a ball of string. Once upon a time, in the tales the Greeks told about their gods, there was a mighty young warrior named Theseus who went into a deep cave with winding passages to slay a monster. Ariadne, a woman who loved him, gave Theseus a clue which he could unwind as he went along and then follow back to the entrance of the dark cave after he had slain the monster.

To find your way into and out of bioluminescent, begin with bio. The Greek word for life or living things was bios. Once you see bio in a word you know that the word has something to do with life or things that are alive. In biography, for example, bio combines with the Greek word graph, meaning write, and you have the written story of a man’s life. Biology is a study of living things.

In bioluminescent you have two other words to guide you, words that you will find in other big words. One is lumin. It is from a Latin word meaning light. You will hear the word illuminated and know that it tells of something that is lighted. People will speak of poor illumination and you will know that they mean poor lighting. Or they may say that a thing is luminous and you know that it glows. It may have light in it and give off light. A lightning bug is luminous.

A lightning bug, in fact, is bioluminescent – because the light it gives off comes from the life in it. It isn’t reflected. It comes, as the term escent tells us, from the fact of life itself. Escent is also Latin in origin and it means being, or starting to be. You will find it in other words, such as convalescent, a person who has been ill but is starting to get well or is in the process of getting well. An adolescent is a person who is starting to grow up or is in the process of growing up.

When a thing is bioluminescent, then, it is giving off light from the very act of living. Many tiny creatures of the sea give off light, so that when you stand at the rail of a ship at sea there are times when the waters are alight from the glow of these creatures. The sea itself looks bioluminescent.

Bio is a syllable you will see often. Sometimes it is buried in  a word but you can fetch it out and at least have a clue. A warm and lovely word with bio buried in it is symbiosis. It describes the living together of two organisms in a way that is good for both. They may be two plants or an animal and a plant. There is a fungus (from the Greek word for sponge) that lives around the roots of certain forest trees. The fungus draws its food from the plant root and in turn feeds the plant and brings it water. Two things not alike live closely together and both gain from it.

Symbiosis is one of the unexpected marvels that come to light in a word. These marvels are all around us and often reveal themselves to us through words. Bioluminescent describes another. It tells us that is not only life but also light in some of the world’s tiniest creatures.

– Charles W. Ferguson

On the Green.

This Mortal Coil…

A Long Walk…

Stray Cat Strut…

Pop Art Blue…

I Go Humble…

The ID….

The First.

Heavy in Your Arms…

Cosmic Love…

Drumming Song…

Lots of music, but mostly it’s background for musing.

Been looking at my favorite photographer’s work, Jan Saudek.