It’s a two cups of tea morning. Sipping on my second. Thinking about words like, Pre-Occupied, Occupation. What it means to be Occupied. I’m thinking about this past year. How I spent my time. What thoughts. What distractions. And mostly: what was I trying to accomplish and did I succeed?

How does one measure success?

I, like many others, found this past year to be economically difficult. I’ve had to reevaluate spending, relearned how to live in an environment of limited resources. And perhaps more importantly, develop the habits of living true to personal ethics. And clarifying relevant social values for myself.

I haven’t been attending school the past few years in order to pay off a large tax obligation from 2007. At the tune of five hundred a month, tuition wasn’t a possibility. This year I’ve called and made arrangements for smaller payments. It will take me longer to pay off the IRS but my life won’t be on hold. Not the way it has been.


It’s a little embarrassing to see how I’ve let the blog and site go. Last year wasn’t one for creativity.

I’ve been puttering around the house, putting things to right. Truth to tell there’s not much out of place. Except perhaps the bathroom. Mr. White, the roommate, said he’d take care of it… a week ago. I may just give in and take care of it myself. I don’t like waiting on others, frustrates me when there are things that need to be done now.

I think it was Franklin who said, “Never put off till tomorrow what can be done today.”

If for no other reason than one can never be sure if tomorrow will come, or what it’ll bring.

I received new toys over Christmas, a vacuum, an external hard drive, various computer odds and ends. Got my 76GB of music transferred over to the external.

Ringing it In.

Happy New Year!

I’ve been thinking of all my resolutions. Mostly feeling resolved to be determined.

My determination is taking on a few solid New Year’s resolutions:

Excercise every day.

Write every day.

No alcohol for 30 days.