I Do?

“You’re a difficult woman to love intimately”, he said. “You know this”.

Also Classified.

Licensed Life Coach – Personal Assistant/Companion

Highly efficient and effective consultant looking for work. No project too small. Flexible hours. Flexible pay. Ethical, honest, and privet. I provide excellent service.

Skills and experience: Domestic household tasks, cleaning, organizing, unpacking, packing, closet and storage space utilization, cooking, meal preparation and planning, nutritional health, green eco-friendly living, body and skin care, basic to advanced health and hygiene skills, running errands, animal and plant care, yard care, gardening and food storage, textile artist – quilting, crochet, painting, cross stitch. Adept in many social settings and aware of etiquette. Easy to converse with. Humorous. Skillful writer. Moderate computer skills. Fast and accurate data entry. Filing and shelving. Background in anthropology and psychology, especially in regard to human behavior, social power dynamics, and how it impacts personal and social health. In other words I’m a geek. I also play chess, cards, and board games. Good with children. First aid and emergency care trained. Wonderful travel companion. Music lover and avid reader. I specialize in behavior modification, stress and pain management, social networking, social skills training, and reproductive health.

I am a licensed consultant and do employ specialized staff when necessary, for larger, more complicated, business and organizational projects.

Classified Ad.

Seeking Mentor for Unconventional Relationship

“I’ve been things, and seen places” -May West.

I need… something. A change of pace. To be challenged. Outside perspective.

Unique in many ways. Self-employed business owner. High IQ. Assured. Well read. Music lover. Educated – both traditionally and untraditionally. I’ve done, and been, more than others my age. Fiscal conservative, social liberal. Agnostic. Writer. Artist. Very interested in evolutionary anthropology/psychology, social power dynamics, propaganda and media, sexuality and behavior, violence and non-violence, Discourse… I’m compassionate, easy to converse with, idealistic but pragmatic, service oriented, introverted and yet adept in most settings.

I’m looking for a man in want of His girl friday: A strange admixture of personal assistant and companion. A man interested in mentoring, guiding, cultivating, the potential and reality of me. Age is a non-issue with the caveat that I’ve found young men don’t have the worldliness I find attractive in older men. I have a fondness for Professors, or those of higher education, white tower or not. I’m not looking for a knight, savior, or hero. I don’t need to be saved, except perhaps from being driven to no end.

October Rain.

Temperamental weather.

I’m listening to Bach’s solo cello suite No.1 in G-Major – Prelude.


Mr. White, in the kitchen, with the stock pot.

Me at the Moment.

I’ve been on the computer all day. Looking for a job. I placed a few adds. Working on the resume. Brainstorming ways to grow my business. Every few hours going back to the classifieds, pouring over them for something to do with my time. I’ve made 15 scarfs in the last month. I need a break from my life. I want to solve someone else’s problems right now because that’s easy. And at the moment am most deffinatly not motivated to do those things that (eventually) will solve my own, because it’s hard. Mostly, and I kind of hate to say it: there are very few problems that money can’t solve.

So “come up and see me sometime”.

And as my high school Humanities teacher used to say, “don’t clap. Just throw money”.

Moody October.

Well hello there, long time no write.

First order of business, a few of my readers have had questions about me leaving salt lake. I’d like to point out that there are two writers on my blog right now. Miss Grey and Scratch. Scratch was thinking of moving but hasn’t. I haven’t figured out a way to differentiate more between his entries and mine. But I’ll work on that because it’s causing confusion.

Second, my significant Other moved out. He decided he needed his own space to sort through some things. Get to know himself. Sigh. Sad and bummed. And I suppose… I don’t know. I think it’s for the best, for the both of us. We are getting to know each other as friends. And you know what they say, “fast in = fast out”. Proven once again to be true. Sigh. And I have to be honest, my line of work was a constant source of conflict. Some lifestyles aren’t conducive to certain types of relationships. I guess?

Third, an old friend, friend of two decades, has moved in. Mr. White. I’ll be writing more about him and all the antics we’ve been through. His partner is going to be moving too. Sigh. Full house. Houseboys. I’ve got my work cut out for me. However I think this work will be especially productive. So look forward to more media art coming your way.

Fourth, Life. Goodness.

Still housebreaking my dog, Love. Part beagle, part greyhound, she LOVES to run, fast. Especially away from me, when one of the new house occupants forget she’s an escape artist. She’s young, and playful. So sweet. Very cuddly. And easily excited.

I’ve been helping my father harvest honey, and his garden produce.

I’ve also been harvesting my garden. Making breads and soups. Apple crisp. Canned apricot preserves. Drying herbs and fruit. giving vegetables away to bewildered neighbors. I’m hoping to treat the soil, too clayish. I wasn’t able to get any root vegetables to grow, with the exception of the Jerusalem artichoke. Have no idea what to do with them, but I know they’re incredibly nutrient rich. I started a compost pile. Love likes that, finds something inappropriate to eat when she’s on the loose. Nothing like stinky dog fart. Next year I’m adding bees and chicken.

Nutrition and health have obsessed me this summer. Looking up body and skin products for toxic ingredients. Guess what? Even if its marked “organic”, “natural”, or “healthy”, it doesn’t really mean it’s good for you. After finding out how toxic personal products are, I’ve taken to making my own. I’m in the process of replacing all of my cosmetics to something that won’t kill me. What a process that’s been. The obsession compelled me to broaden my research to food and household products, furniture, and what ever else you can think of… yarn for goodness sake. Teaching myself to make my own socks. I’ve completely gone off the deep end. Way to much free time on my hands.

I’ve been on some sort of personal mental vacation, no writing, very few clients, little ¬†phone time, distracted by my personal relationship… just trying to cope with all the change over the past six months. I’ve been sleeping a lot. Sometimes till three in the afternoon, going to bed at seven in the evening. Drinking too much. Smoking again. Lots of stress, more or less, shuts me down, hard to focus on making a living. Or being creative.

Sometime you got to do good to feel good. And not the other way around. So I’ve got quite a bit I’d like to get done yet.

This is Miss Grey signing off.