The New Year.

It’s the new year. And I think it would be appropriate to glance ahead. Maybe get a feel for what’s coming.

The Kink Project has been alive almost six months. What will this year bring to the Project? Good question. I want to broaden the scope, write a few articles… Ideally I’d like to to a photo shoot every month. I want to make this into a narrative of the type of life I lead. I want Kink Discourse. I’m planning on attending two kink events this year. Not sure which two, but at least two. Maybe a visit to NY or SF, or both. Why not?

It looks as though I’m going to have to pass on school for another semester. Just too many things that need my time and money. Even one class is too expensive, when I think of all the other issues that could be addressed. However, there is summer semester, and fall, and I will get back to my education before the end of the year.

I want to see Owl and I in a larger place, or me elsewhere and her holding down the fort. We’ll see how that will play out.

Post Dated.

Time for a dating debriefing. The agency I signed up with is not panning out. So I created a profile on a common internet site. I’ve talked to two viable candidates. Have been exchanging emails with them for the past two days and will be meeting one of them, hopefully, on saturday or early next week. I’m quite excited.  I responded to someone on a kink profile of mine, and will be meeting him mid-month. And finally I met someone by phone and will also be meeting him in person mid-month. Four suitable preliminary candidates.

Zero to four in just under a week. One of them, barely in the running. Still, I have hope.

Each brings to the table different strengths and weaknesses.

I’m enjoying the process. What I do know is that I’m ready for the next step. I’m looking for a long term relationship.