Pay the Piper.

To say it’s been a busy week, would do it no justice.

It’s been crazy making.

I went to Las Vegas last weekend. Watched a show, and did a little shopping… there was an interesting time had… due mostly, I’m sure, to My deeply held ambivalence toward the place.

I dislike spending time there. I come back wanting things. As if My desires grew by what they fed on. Las Vegas is a dry ocean of gluttony. Glittering, lights the night with false promise. Precocious Vegas tempts you to believe consumption will sate you. When really you’re just dying for a glass of water, that won’t cost you ten dollars.

After returning, I spent most of the week working with cottontail, aka scratch. Locked him into a cb3000. I’ve been wearing the keys around My neck all week. Playing with them, whenever My mind wanders. scratch has been keeping a video blog of his experience thru the whole chastity process.

Perhaps I should spend a little time speaking of chastity. It’s a delightful way of training male submissives. There’s something very primal about it. Owning someone’s cock so completely. It’s as though I’m holding a part of their soul. A man’s cock is taken advantage of, for the most part. Like any other appendage, until it’s lost. And for men it’s a huge loss.

Men own their genitals in a way that women don’t. Women don’t have the same relationship with their pussies. Taking away a woman’s pussy simply doesn’t have the emotional and mental impact that taking away a man’s cock does. I think there are a number of different theories for this phenomenon. None of which I’m going to explore.

I would like to address the reevaluation that comes with abstaining from sexual contact. There’s this measuring of what’s left when you take sex out of the equation. Removing that option has an opening effect, which, at the same time, is caused by being extremely limited. It’s that strange tension bondage will bring about. Being at once free and yet so completely confined.

The key holder becomes central to all thought processes. A constant observer. Both the angel, and devil, which sit on our shoulders. Or as Dory would say, “are you my conscious?” When I hold the key, it’s as though My hand is wrapped around his sex. Carried by him throughout the day. By night, confining him.

I think that’s hot. Great tease and denial.

It’s Alive!

Saturday afternoon. I’ve just gotten back from commissioning some floggers from a local artist. I can’t begin to tell you how excited it makes Me. I was able to pick out the wood for the handles, and their design. The leathers, and their colors. The falls, and the sensations they will create. Ummm Yummy. These floggers will be perfectly balanced, its aim accurate, and best of all, Mine. Been wanting them for years. Nothing like a good flogger.

I’ve also gotten a new piece of equipment from a fellow kinkster. A lovely little tens unit with pads, vaginal, anal, and egg probes. Shocking.

And fun to play with. Blue Knight volunteered to help Me figure it all out. I put the electrical pads on the right and left sides at the base of his cock. I had him present his ass for the anal probe. Then I turned on the unit and started to slowly increase the voltage. his eyes fluttered. his breath caught. Such a fun toy! I’m looking forward to using it on others. I did try the unit on Myself first. New toys should be tested before experimenting on others. It’s important to know what sensations you are producing for others. Basic safety measures, and all that.

Speaking of electricity… It’s Alive!

The Kink Project… though not complete, is alive. It can be found at *Cackling like some crazed scientist*.  I feel completely elated. It’s alive at last. Seven years of accumulated effort. At last!

A moment of silence… echoing leftover lightning…

Now what?

Flesh out the content.

Discover what type of monster I’ve created.

What It Is.

I’ve doing some thinking about The Kink Project this morning. Questions keep coming up. One in particular has Me sweating: What is the purpose of the Kink Project? The reason this question is such a difficult one is that I don’t really see the end result of the Project. I can’t visualize the effect this site will have on others. I don’t know how valuable others will find this place.

For Me, the Project, is a personal playground. It’s a Discourse. A narrative about kink. The accumulation of My life’s experiences. If I have any hope for this endeavor, it’s that others will relate to the things presented here. I hope to move people. The Kink Project is My way of sharing. The internet; My medium for communication.

I’m an artist and this virtual space is My canvas.