Where the Grey Is.

You ever gotten to a point in your life… when all you have, is yourself on pause? Have you ever gotten to the point, where you’re crying ‘uncle’ like Molly Brown in an old movie? The point when you know you’ve been undone one too many times?

Ani sings it, “You close your eyes slowly, like you’re waiting for a kiss”.

I blink slowly and try to remember ‘I’ never was to begin with. That the pain I feel is losing the Ego, and that it’s better off gone. What ‘they’ never tell you is how much it hurts. And that cry ‘Uncle’ how ever much you might, the pain won’t suddenly¬†disappear. The only comfort: everyone hurts, hurt isn’t new, healing hurts more, and with enough passing of time, it won’t hurt so much.

That thought is what gets me thru. When nothing else will. I breathe in the pain, and breathe out comfort, because assuredly someone, somewhere, has suffered more pain than I can hope to comprehend.

“Every time I blink,
I have a tiny dream,
but as bad as I am,
I’m proud of the fact,
that I’m worse than I seem.”

– Again with Ani. Sorry.

It goes back to the song: Grey. Beautiful song. Sad.