Class in Session.

Done with week two of class. Still going strong. Keeping up on homework and reading even. So far, in my anthropology of power course there has been very little talk of sex; Power and Sex. How can you have a class about Power and not talk about Sex? I haven’t brought the topic up. I will given some time.

(Seems like a HUGE oversight to me. Perhaps I’m biased. Scratch that. I know I’m biased, but I also know that Sex is big, a mover and shaker felt by all, throughout the course of our existence. History is full of examples of just how much influence and Power there is to be gained by, and thru, Sex. Just think about it. You’ll see what I mean. If you don’t drop me a line, and I’ll fill you in.)

I tend to sit in the background with an air of mystery for the first few weeks of a semester. It’s not intentional. It’s just that I like to give people, both my classmates and instructor, a chance to become accustomed to me. I tend to come off somewhat intense and people listen better after I’ve give them opportunity to become curious about Miss tall, dark, beautiful, and silent. To be truthful it takes me that long to become comfortable speaking in front of a class full of people.

I can depend on being highly dissimilar; having views and opinions outside the norm. Just is. Typically I am sure of standing out, wither I mean to or not, when I open my mouth. I’ve spent a lot of time wondering why that is. I think part of it is that I’m removed from the predominate culture: I don’t listen to the news, read magazines or newspapers, and don’t watch TV. I’m mostly insulated from media influence.

I’ve spent nearly all of my life on the fringe of society in one way or another. In essence I’m a stranger in a strange land, and it shows. I may speak the laungue. I may be ‘white’. I may ‘fit in’ in a number of different ways, but as soon as I give voice to my thoughts there’s no doubt that I occupy a different world.

Some people do their utmost to be ‘unique’. They long to stand out and be ‘different’. I’ve spent the larger part of my life trying to fit in, trying to be like ‘everybody’ else. It doesn’t work for me. It never did. Over the last few years I’ve given up the lost cause and have instead focused on gaining credibility for my otherness.

School is a part of that process. It occurred to me if I wanted to make a place for myself in the world I needed a ‘formal’ education. Otherwise I might spend the remainder of my life being discounted; relegated to watching from the sidelines instead of participating. No thank you.

Of course there a great many other benefits to pursuing my education. Some of which I’m only just discovering and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you… later.